Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Along with the arrival of spring every year comes my desire to plant something. I take my grand plans along to the nursery and stock up on all sorts of plants, forgetting that I'm basically lazy and want something for nothing. I want my deck and yard to look amazing with minimal work, but we all know that it doesn't work that way.

This particular day, the 2nd in mucking around in the dirt, my little neighbor, Caitlyn, was watching me from the adjoining fence. "Whatcha doing?" she asked. "Planting flowers." was my response. "Why? What colors do you like?" So forth and so on as I continued to plant. Caitlyn is 5 and digging in the dirt looks like loads of fun to her. Meanwhile I sat on my haunches, swiped sweat off of my forehead for the umpteenth time, and looked at all I still had to do. And boy, was it ever hot! I told Caitlyn so and told her I was ready to be done, ready for a cold drink and a shower. Then she said this...."I'm just pretending I'm at the Beach. Don't you like the beach?" Immediately I knew I was looking at my efforts from the wrong perspective. I absolutely LOVE the beach and if I just pretended I was by the sea this entire time, things would be looking up! So, I did. I finished my planting, grateful all the while for Caitlyn and my "day at the beach."

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