Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Fresh Perspective

One nice thing about writing on this blog is that I look for things that fit into my theme and I'm constantly surprised by how much more observant I've been. Just the other day, for example, I witnessed a scene that in earlier days would have just annoyed me, but on this particular day, I was charmed.

Just a regular day at the grocery store for me, and I'm assuming, a regular day for the young mom and her little boy who are the stars of this story. She was pushing a cart heaped with a mountain of items and trailing along behind was pipsqueak. He was paying close attention to all of the yummy things that store stockers know the little ones will see and will beg for. Pipsqueak was doing his job just fine and was begging his mother for everything that wasn't nailed down. She was telling him no at the top of her lungs, and just to make sure he understood, would screech at him periodically and huff and puff. Of course I was thinking of my superior parenting abilities (sarc) and how I'd never, ever, talk to MY child that way in the middle of the store. (How quickly we forget, right?)

Anyway, Pipsqueak happened on some little jugs of blue juice and decided they were worth a shriek or two, so began to plead for them. Response: NO, NO, NO, I don't have any money, I'm not buying you anything else!!!! Oh, how much are they??? Only 5 for a dollar??? Ok, well then you can have 5. No more, just 5!!!

Pipsqueak saw the opportunity and put 5 in the cart, but ran right back for more. Double fisted, carrying two little jugs, he trotted back to the cart and went to put them in, but was forestalled by Shrieker. What? I told you only one more. Pipsqueak answered so innocently, I only have one. One in this hand and one in that hand.

Needless to say, I had to get out of there before I laughed out loud and destroyed this young mother's very tenable authority. I'm assuming Pipsqueak got his two extra juices and I got a lesson on perspective. After all, he did have only ONE jug. I see a law degree in his future.

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  1. What a priceless encounter! Thank you for the early morning smile.

    Just remember in design that rules are made to be broken.